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Meet the Teachers


1-01 Tana Mitchell
1-02 Whitney Ault
1-03 Brenda Woods
1-04 Mekea Johnson
1-05 Lisa Tamboli
1-06 Meg Bounds
K-07 Brook Hunt   1-07  Kelli Johns
3-01Joy Vincent
2-02  Tricia Totty
3-02 Alice Sommers
Melanie Hicks
Melanie Fleming
3-05 Allyson Chick
3-06 Lorelei Scatamacchia
2-07 Anna Pechak
5-01 Allean Neal
5-02 Anna Diehl
4-03 Scott Liebenhaut
5-03 Shelli Gibbs
5-04 Elizabeth Bartholomew
5-05 Lauren Peterson
5-06 William Miller
Michael Gambino , Physical Education

Lisa Bailey, Guidance

Beth Hilgeman, Resource

Christopher Farris, Art Ansley Smith, Resource
Art Carly Liebenhaut, Resource

Kimberly Parks, Resource

Susan Ferkin, Library Media Specialist

Amy Leach, Pre-K

Craig Nicholson,

Self-Contained Special Education

Orff Music

Alejandra Zaltron, ELL

Orff Music

LaTanya Barber, CLUE

Willinda Watkins, Strings

Louise Clark, CLUE

Emily Campbell, Speech

Becky Pinlac-Ecos, CLUE

Nancy Austria, Speech Meredith Berry , CLUE
Alejandra Zaltron, ESL Lara Hunter, OASIS Aftercare
Marilyn Alexander, OASIS Aftercare

School Recognition

(Photo by Brad Vest, The Commercial Appeal ) Mrs. McNary Receives National Honor – National Class of Distinguished Principals 2013

Business United to Recognize Educators has selected Richland Elementary as the School of the Month! - July 2012

(Photo by Kyle Kurlick/Special to The Commercial Appeal) Allyson Chick, a third-grade teacher at Richland elementary, is the first Memphis teacher in several decades named Tennessee teacher of the year.