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Parking/ Drop Off

Beginning Monday April 2nd, we will start having parent volunteers help at drop off time. The parents will be stationed between the cove and the park playground. They will be helping keep traffic flowing and keeping kids safe.

Please remember:
* Do NOT drop your student off in the middle of the road either in the cove, on Normandy, or on Rich. No student should be exiting a car unless the car is against the curb
* There is no parking on Rich between the cove and the church (on the school side of Rich).
* Buses will be parking to deliver students between the cove and the principal’s parking lot. No cars are allowed in this section. 
* You may only cross Rich at the cross walk, at the cove, or at the playground.

* Do NOT park in the principal’s parking lot (the lot closest to front door) anytime in the morning and not until after 3:30 in the afternoon.

If you have any interest in being a volunteer please contact Courtney Howardcourtney.parmer@gmail.com for more information.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

School Recognition

Mrs. McNary Receives National Honor – National Class of Distinguished Principals 2013

Photo:Brad Vest, The Commercial Appeal

Business United to Recognize Educators has selected Richland Elementary as the School of the Month! - July 2012

Allyson Chick, a third-grade teacher at Richland elementary, is the first Memphis teacher in several decades named Tennessee teacher of the year.

Photo:Kyle Kurlick, The Commercial Appeal