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Richland Uniform Policy

On registration day, Richland has a free uniform exchange. Please feel free to bring clean uniforms that your kids have outgrown, and pick up whatever you might need. Just drop it off on the tables in the designated area in the hallway. Uniform approved tops, bottoms, and outerwear are all accepted!

Larger sizes are especially needed.

If you would like to drop off any uniform items early, email Susy Todd at to make arrangements.

Color: tan/khaki, navy blue or black
Item: pants, shorts, skorts, or jumpers (dresses with straps that go over the shoulders and require a shirt underneath). Jumpers must have a white or red collared shirt underneath.
Shorts, skorts, skirts and jumpers must be knee length.
No denim outfits or jeans are acceptable.
***NEW all uniform colors red, navy, grey, black, and white Polo Dresses ADDED FOR THE 2014-2015 SCHOOL YEAR!!***
Color: red, grey or white shirts (short or long sleeved)
Style: collared, polo style, button down or turtleneck. Shirts should be tucked in at all times. No designs, company names or logos are permitted.
Spirit Wear
In addition, students are permitted to wear Richland spirit wear (t-shirts branding Richland’s name and/or logo). We will provide the opportunity to purchase Richland Spirit Wear t-shirts and other approved wear on Registration Day and other times as the school year progresses.
Shoes must be suitable for safe wear with heels that are no more than 1 inch. Sandals must have a back strap that secures them to the foot. No crocs or shoes with wheels or skates are allowed.
Tights must be solid red, white, navy, black or khaki.
Any outerwear worn over shirts during the school day (sweaters, vests or light jackets) must be white, red, navy blue, khaki, or black and may not have any logos, designs or company names.
Heavy coats should not be worn during times other than arrival, recess and dismissal.
Other Notes
Belts must be worn to secure pants at all times.
No clothing should be excessively tight or loose.
Violation of the dress code will result in parents being called to bring the appropriate clothing to school and consequences ranging from parent conferences to loss of privileges.
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